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Digital and Keyless Locks Central Coast

Suppliers and installers of Digital and Keyless Locks Central Coast to help to increase the security of your home, office or other premises.

Central Coast Locksmiths offer a range of alternatives to traditional keyed locks. Our digital and keyless lock solutions provide a low-cost security solution for your home or business.

As technology continues to evolve, our security options continue to improve and here at Central Coast Locksmith, we keep up with the latest in security for your premises.

A digital and Keyless lock is the next step for your home door locks or business security. They are perfect for homes and offices with high traffic as it is hard to keep track of who has a key and who doesn’t.

There are many types of keyless locks available, that offer effective access for heavy-duty applications to low-security requirements, call Central Coast Locksmiths today for all your digital and keyless locks Central Coast.

digital and keyless locks

Digital and Keyless locks

When we talk about access control it is usually for entry doors or gates. The products used are electric strikes, and these can be controlled with a keypad, swipe card, beeper or remotely via an intercom to a front office, or even over the internet. This means you don’t have to provide keys. That is especially useful for sporting facilities or community halls where picking up and dropping off keys can be an issue. Simply issue the hire with a code, and they can punch that in. Codes can be set remotely and monitored for correct use.

Another common client is food service, where staff may come and go at all hours and a keypad is required for security. You have 3 choices in keyless access:

  • Bluetooth or wireless locks
  • Keypads, with/without internet
  • Garage door beeper access


Advantages of Keyless Locks Central Coast

There are multiple reasons why you may want to transition to a keyless home or office. Digital locks provide ease of use, security and convenience.

Along with the rise of the smart home system and automated security, the keyless locks solutions have become increasingly popular and the first level of defence for savvy homeowners.

If you are thinking of contacting Central Coast Locksmiths regarding keyless locks, there are many benefits to this.


Benefits of Keyless Locks:

  • Provides Keyless Entry
  • Programmable meaning that if security is compromised you can quickly change the code to reinstate the highest level of security
  • Many people having access to one building or home
  • Affordable security solutions
  • Quick and Easy installation time
keyless and digital locks central coast

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Installation of Digital & Keyless Locks Central Coast


Keyless door locks are slowly replacing mechanical door locks as home and business owners start to recognise the potential that they bring.

The capabilities that keyless locks can bring include a convenient, efficient and secure solution compared to their older counterparts. Digital/ Keyless locks are becoming more and more popular with the rise of smart home systems.

Central Coast Locksmiths make the transition from mechanical door locks to keyless locks easy. Our knowledge and expertise place us as a leader in the field on the Central Coast.

All our staff are kept up to date with the changing technological security landscape and we assure to offer you the best option for your home or business.

We can supply and install a range of systems that will increase the level of security and convenience of your property while ensuring you are taking full advantage of modern security technology and your home smart systems today.

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