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Residential Lock Installation Central Coast - Installations & Repairs

Central Coast Locksmiths are highly experienced in residential lock installation Central Coast.
Every home needs lock installations, whether that be on your main front door or other external doors around your house. Central Coast Locksmith has been installing and repairing residential locks for Central Coast homes for over 30 years.
Ensuring you have a proper lock installation for your home is essential for security and keeping your family safe. We provide a full range of residential locksmith services.
We use only the best quality locks and equipment, and all our staff are qualified and certified. We also have a large range of digital and keyless locks.

Our locksmiths are fully licensed and insured and all work is 100% guaranteed. Payment by Cash, Mastercard and Visa card. Vans have mobile credit card devices.

The Central Coast Hardware & Locksmith vans are well equipped with modern key cutting and duplication facilities as well as all the essential tools for fitting door locks, to provide you with state of the art mobile locksmithing and door-ware installation.

We are able to provide mobile locksmith services to most motor vehicles straight from the van including in-car programming, using USB101 key cutting technology, your highly qualified locksmiths can cut a wide variety of specialised keys including mortise keys, five and six-pin profile keys and duplicate restricted key systems.

Our team of qualified locksmiths are fully trained and licensed, having completed a four-year apprenticeship, with ongoing on-the-job training

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Professional Lock Installation Central Coast

Your home is your safety zone and needs to be protected. At Central Coast Locksmiths, we offer residential lock installations and repairs on all types of locks. Whether you’ve just come home to find your front door lock broken and your home burglarized, or you need to repair or upgrade an existing lock, we are your technicians that will offer the best security options and services.


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Central Coast Lock Installation

Having a professional install your locks for your residential property is essential to prevent break-ins. Sometimes a lock is too badly damaged or simply too old and insecure to be repaired. As part of our high-quality locksmith services, we install and service all major brands to ensure your family’s security.

High-Security Locks

For added safety and peace of mind to your family, many people want to upgrade to high-security locks. they are made of stronger materials and a more durable design, along with special features (such as unusual keyways and added mechanisms) that make picking the locks pretty impossible.

Protect your Home with our Lock Installation Central Coast Service

Our Tips to Prevent Break-ins

Home security should be a top priority for everyone. People often make mistakes that can compromise the security. Experts at Central Coast Locksmiths have shortlisted the top tips that will help you keep yourself, your family members and your belongings safe.

  • Locking your doors and windows is the foremost step to ensure safety. This may seem like common sense but surprisingly many people leave their doors and windows open while they are at home. It is essential to keep everything locked when at home or going outside.
  • The landscape of your house matters. Big trees or bushes can create a hiding spot for the burglar to have a shelter and keep an eye on you.
  •  Keeping a dog can be a way to scare people and cause terror. The barking of a dog would be a sign for un-welcomed company that would trigger the owner’s attention.
  •  Keep your valuables out of sight so that you do not tempt burglars. Valuables such as expensive decor items, jewellery or a luxury car should not be kept/parked near a window or door. This would prevent the items not to be easily visible from across the street.
  • Social media is a blessing but can also create problems, if used in the wrong manner. Updating your status of being out of home can put the home’s security at risk. Social media sites can be a great way to chat with friends and family but publicising your visits out of home or long vacations out of town can be dangerous at times.
  • Adding lights outside the house is essential. It is otherwise extremely easy for intruders to enter the house without being seen.
  • It is a common mistake to keep your spare key under the door mat or pots. No matter how tricky you think you are being in choosing a spot, it is usually very easy for the burglar to find it. It is highly advisable not to do that and instead use mechanised locks. Contact Central Coast for ideal lock solutions for your home.
  • Fake the idea of someone being at home even if you are not. Do not turn-off all the lights while going out. This would make the intruder be conscious of their actions and may prevent you from theft.
  • It is a good idea to get the locks changed when you move into a new rented house or apartment. You would not be aware of how many keys have been made by how many people in the past. Getting new ones made would save you from the worry of others having duplicate keys of your home.

Central Coast Locksmith is a pioneer in the industry in providing residential security services. Contact at 0412 437 327 today to get your home protected with the latest technology.


Central Coast Locksmith

Our extensive range of locksmith services cover all aspects of locksmithing.  We also have a large range of architectural hardware to choose from. If you need more than just some keys cut, speak to us about our door hardware, keyless locks and a range of other accessories for your home or office.

We service TerrigalGreen PointAvoca, Davistown, Saratoga, Empire Bay and many more suburbs.


Experienced Central Coast Locksmith


Central Coast Locksmiths & Hardware provides you with a complete mobile locksmith service at very competitive prices.

Our 30 years of expertise covers home, commercial, car and truck emergency access. Our fully mobile workshop provides services to suburbs all over the Central Coast 8am to 6pm, 7 days a week.


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Avoca Architectural Hardware & Locksmiths provides the Central Coast with professional & reliable locksmith services at very competitive prices.

Emergency Mobile Locksmith

Need a locksmith? Our fully equipped mobile workshop is always available to get you out of those tricky situations. Our team of experts is available to provide an emergency response from 8am to 6pm, 7 days a week.

Digital And Keyless Locks

Need a locksmith? Our fully equipped mobile workshop is always available to get you out of those tricky situations. Our team of experts is available tp provide an emergency response from 8am to 6pm, 7 days a week.

Automotive Locksmith

Lost or Damaged car keys? Our qualified automotive locksmith technicians carry all the latest in diagnostic & key cutting machinery to generate new keys for your car on site. Our efficient services will have you back on the road in no time.

Commercial Locksmith

We provide responsive commercial locksmith service to all businesses on the Central Coast. Our extensive experience & qualified staff guarantee the finest quality work for your business. We supply safes, high-security locks & more.

Residential Locksmith

Never worry that your home is vulnerable to break-ins with our residential services covering everything from emergency lockouts to providing you with the best quality locks, gate hardware and security for your home.

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